ON A DESKTOP, use your mouse to rotate the photo.  Click the GREEN HIGHLIGHTS to move throughout the facility.
ON A PHONE OR TABLET, use your finger to rotate the photo.  Touch the GREEN HIGHLIGHTS to move throughout the facility.


Use the map below in helping others find your location within our 24 court facility during tournaments, leagues, and other large events.  Or, if you are meeting someone to play, let them know exactly where they can find you!

1.  Outdoor Entrance
2. Outdoor Tables/Seating
3.  Lower Southeast Courts Seating
4.  Lower Courts Stadium Seating
5.  West Center Courts Seating
6.  Upper West Courts Seating
7.  Southwest Courts Seating
8.  North Courts Seating
9.  Northwest Courts Seating
10.  Tournament Kiosk
11.  Northeast Courts
12.  Case Tennis Center Lobby
13.  Case Center Pro Shop Lounge
14.  Indoor Court Social Seating
15.  Indoor Court Number 1
16.  Indoor Court Number 2
17.  Indoor Court Number 3